Hey There!

A little bit about me

Hello, all! It's Brittany! As someone who built my own business, I know that effective branding and design can be difficult to accomplish. Most people struggle to even get started, and many end up with design that is confusing, lacks professionalism, or fails to captivate their target audience. I have worked through this process with my own business, and with many clients over and over again. Study, experience, and hard work have allowed me to develop a method for creating branding and design that works for you -- unique and captivating, but powerful design.

It's all about strategy, clarity, and user-experience. As a designer, I bring a background in psychology and scientific problem-solving to help my clients reach their target audience with insightful, user-friendly branding and design. My work starts with sitting down with you, chatting about what drives you, and developing a plan that meets your individual and business needs. We then apply that strategy to stand-out design that will both communicate with clarity, and captivate your potential clients. You've already put the hard work into developing an incredible product or service; let's make sure your visual brand does that hard work justice!

Now for the fun stuff! I have a wonderful baby boy named Wilder. My husband and I are avid adventurers, traveling nearly every Monday to a new town to hike a trail, swim a new lake, or try a new coffee shop. My background is in science. I earned my B.S. in Brain, Behavior, and Cognitive Sciences from the University of Michigan, an M.A. in psychology from the University of Toledo, and worked in neuroscience and psychology research for several years before realizing my dream of being an entrepreneur and artist. When I'm at home, I love to listen to podcasts, run, cook, eat great food, explore the outdoors, and serve my church and community.


I must say, I'm so glad you've stopped by!

All About the "Why"


To me, living beautifully means giving back. A huge part of why I chose this job is because of the flexibility it affords. I am a devoted volunteer and mentor to several young adults and high school students. This is my heart! I work because giving back is my life mission, and because I love to help my clients find their life mission, too.


Creating inspirationally means continuously pushing my own boundaries to create my best work. I want to make stunningly beautiful and functional art that inspires. But to be inspiring, I need to be inspired! For this reason, a huge part of my mission is to seek adventure on a weekly basis through travel and experiencing the wonders of God's creation.


For me, continuing to improve is everything! I hope to become a more skilled artist, informed entrepreneur, and wise consultant; therefore I  thrive on partnering with clients to create innovative artwork. At the same time, I feel so blessed to have a purpose and a mission, inside and outside of my job, and it is my goal to maintain a posture of gratefulness.


The process

THE INTRODUCTION  Here's where we get to know one another. I want to understand your vision and collect as much information from you as I can, so together we can create something amazing! We can tackle this process in-person, via phone chats, extensive e-mail conversations, questionnaires, or even Skype. I am all ears!


THE PROPOSAL  At this point, it's time to nail down the plan. How many pages will your new website need? What is your hierarchy of communication in the design? After we get specifics down, I will send a quote for your approval!


THE FINAL COMMITMENT  Like our plan? Upon receiving your the initial deposit, we can start making art!


THE CREATION PROCESS  This is the point at which I take our ideas and turn them into reality. Soon after you will receive digital copies of your artwork, and I will make sure you have the file types and know-how that you need to make that art work for you (or ship your piece to you). 


I SUPPORT YOU  The last thing I want you to know is that I am here to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to put your artwork to work for you. If I've created digital imagery for you, I will make sure you understand which file type to use when. If we've designed a website together, I will provide training so that you know how to update and use the applications that are most important for your business. I'm here to support you!


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